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Canada’s Economy – Where is it going?

Money can buy us pretty much anything these days, but there is never enough of it to go around. Think of the larger countries like the US. They are in over 17 trillion of dollars of debt that will never… Continue Reading →

Changing the Past for Residential Schools

Here is my Socials Op-Ed… Ever since the European’s settled, there has always been a conflict between them and the Aboriginal peoples. Taking their land and putting the aboriginal children in residential schools are only two of many acts of… Continue Reading →

Do We Really Know Canada?

The prescribed learning outcome B2 is a very large topic that will take a long time and many hours to cover. These past few weeks we have explored and gone in-depth to understand more about the interactions between the Aboriginal… Continue Reading →

The Last In-Depth Post…?

My Final In-Depth post… for now   I remember in January thinking about the end of this project. Well, it’s coming to an end. In less than one month, (25 days to be exact) the talons students will be presenting… Continue Reading →


I have learned so much from these past few months in Socials. From the beginning of the Eminent person project until now has taught me so much about not only the confederation, but what is happening currently, and how we… Continue Reading →

Final Address + Other Stuff

Hello again, This last Friday we presented our final address to wrap up our role-playing. I was pretty sad actually, because I really enjoyed learning about all of these different people involved with the Confederation, and really understanding what the views… Continue Reading →

#TalonsConfed – Québec Conference

November 27, 1864   Dear Isabella, Upon my arrival back in Newfoundland, I expected something a bit different. I thought the population would agree with me, but I guess not. The Quebec conference was remarkable. The setting, the conference itself,… Continue Reading →

In-Depth post #5/6 – Flower Power and the Dreaded Pen Tool

Wow, a few more weeks have gone by, and I think I am making great progress! Over Spring break I actually didn’t get to do much due to me being away for most of the time, but I tried to… Continue Reading →

Journal Entry #1

March 3rd, 1840 Today was another really uneventful day. Right now I am not sure what I want to do, as I am only twenty five. When I look back at this journal 30 years from now, I hope to… Continue Reading →

Pre-Confederation treaties: 1811-1867

Finding a link that interested me and was providing of new information to me was quite a challenge. After going through about 15 of the “green” links, I stumbled across this one – http://www.canadiana.ca/citm/themes/aboriginals/aboriginals5_e.html. This article explains how treaties made… Continue Reading →

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