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Starvation Isn’t The Answer

January 1789, Instead of bustling streets full of customers just doing their daily shop, I now see streets full of people starving, unable to pay for even one loaf of my bread. Year after year there have been problems with… Continue Reading →

Dark Blue Suits and Double Standards? Socials DOL#2

Imagine wearing the same suit or outfit for a year to every meeting (or in a students case, a school day). You would never ever #1 want to, and #2 think you could get away with it. Well, recently the… Continue Reading →

Rest and Relaxation – In-Depth post #2

I cannot believe It has been almost a month since we all started our In-Depth projects! I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do in the beginning, but I am so glad I chose to do yoga! These last… Continue Reading →

Canada’s Economy – Where is it going?

Money can buy us pretty much anything these days, but there is never enough of it to go around. Think of the larger countries like the US. They are in over 17 trillion of dollars of debt that will never… Continue Reading →

#TalonsConfed – Québec Conference

November 27, 1864   Dear Isabella, Upon my arrival back in Newfoundland, I expected something a bit different. I thought the population would agree with me, but I guess not. The Quebec conference was remarkable. The setting, the conference itself,… Continue Reading →

In-Depth post #2

Wow. There is only 5 months left of the In-Depth project. It’s like I am having déjà vu with the Eminent Person project. It came so fast, and left so quickly, but here we are at my second In-Depth post…. Continue Reading →

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