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Primary Source (Baker!) – French Revolution

I am so extremely sorry that this blog post is so late! I had a lot of trouble finding primary sources from the French Revolution that related to my character, the baker. I did many hours of research without any… Continue Reading →

The Revolution Refining and Defining Our Country – Final Address

November 27th, 1794 Over the past few years I have learned to stop trusting people. Trust can take years to build up, but it can be broken in a matter of seconds. I have watched the French leaders and even… Continue Reading →

A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

August 18th 1791 Since my last journal entry, everything has changed. First there was the women’s march on Versailles, where a mob of thousands of women  and some men went to riot at Versailles over the high price of “my… Continue Reading →

This title will lemonGRAB your attention!! Socials – MEMES

Okay before we get into the actual memes I have a few points to make. Sorry for the terrible pun in the title – If you dont know who lemongrab is, don’t worry it will be explained in this post… Continue Reading →

Dark Blue Suits and Double Standards? Socials DOL#2

Imagine wearing the same suit or outfit for a year to every meeting (or in a students case, a school day). You would never ever #1 want to, and #2 think you could get away with it. Well, recently the… Continue Reading →

Reflecting the Past, Looking into the Future – Socials DOL #1

Let’s rewind to Socials 2015. Last year we looked at the Canadian Confederation with these main ideas and questions in mind: “Where have we been?” and “Where are we going?” I think about this question now as I reflect and… Continue Reading →

Changing the Past for Residential Schools

Here is my Socials Op-Ed… Ever since the European’s settled, there has always been a conflict between them and the Aboriginal peoples. Taking their land and putting the aboriginal children in residential schools are only two of many acts of… Continue Reading →

Do We Really Know Canada?

The prescribed learning outcome B2 is a very large topic that will take a long time and many hours to cover. These past few weeks we have explored and gone in-depth to understand more about the interactions between the Aboriginal… Continue Reading →


I have learned so much from these past few months in Socials. From the beginning of the Eminent person project until now has taught me so much about not only the confederation, but what is happening currently, and how we… Continue Reading →

Final Address + Other Stuff

Hello again, This last Friday we presented our final address to wrap up our role-playing. I was pretty sad actually, because I really enjoyed learning about all of these different people involved with the Confederation, and really understanding what the views… Continue Reading →

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