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Primary Source (Baker!) – French Revolution

I am so extremely sorry that this blog post is so late! I had a lot of trouble finding primary sources from the French Revolution that related to my character, the baker. I did many hours of research without any… Continue Reading →

The Revolution Refining and Defining Our Country – Final Address

November 27th, 1794 Over the past few years I have learned to stop trusting people. Trust can take years to build up, but it can be broken in a matter of seconds. I have watched the French leaders and even… Continue Reading →

A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

August 18th 1791 Since my last journal entry, everything has changed. First there was the women’s march on Versailles, where a mob of thousands of women  and some men went to riot at Versailles over the high price of “my… Continue Reading →

Starvation Isn’t The Answer

January 1789, Instead of bustling streets full of customers just doing their daily shop, I now see streets full of people starving, unable to pay for even one loaf of my bread. Year after year there have been problems with… Continue Reading →

Updates and Making a Mini Yoga Studio? In-Depth Post #6

Today is the 29th of April, meaning that In-Depth night is less than a month away! I have made a lot of progress since the beginning of this project, and I am so excited to share it with you on… Continue Reading →

This title will lemonGRAB your attention!! Socials – MEMES

Okay before we get into the actual memes I have a few points to make. Sorry for the terrible pun in the title – If you dont know who lemongrab is, don’t worry it will be explained in this post… Continue Reading →

New Poses and a New Experience – In-Depth Post #5

Time has been flying by! This is already my second to last In-depth blog post! It’s crazy to think that I have been doing yoga for THREE MONTHS now. Even though I have learned a lot over the past three… Continue Reading →

Dark Blue Suits and Double Standards? Socials DOL#2

Imagine wearing the same suit or outfit for a year to every meeting (or in a students case, a school day). You would never ever #1 want to, and #2 think you could get away with it. Well, recently the… Continue Reading →

Flexibility Progress – In-Depth Post #4

We have been working on our projects for two months now, and we only have two more to go! Time has been flying by, yet that also means I have been able to see progress with my project. I always… Continue Reading →

Seeing Progress and Remembering to “Breath” – In-Depth Post #3

It has already been six weeks of this project? I have learned so much about yoga and my mentor that it is hard to believe that all of that information could be compacted into only six sessions. I just looked… Continue Reading →

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