November 27th, 1794

Over the past few years I have learned to stop trusting people. Trust can take years to build up, but it can be broken in a matter of seconds. I have watched the French leaders and even just normal civilians break down my trust. They have made promises they can’t keep and decisions that have ruined France. Because of this, I have learned to never trust anyone.

In my last journal entry I thought that there could be hope. The king, who had basically destroyed this country with his empty promises and white lies, had finally been executed. That was an exciting day for myself and probably about 99% of the other civilians in France. His reign had finally come to and end, meaning we would never have to deal with irresponsible and ignorant monarchs ever again! His execution was all thanks to Robespierre.. The country finally became free that day, but it also led to a downward spiral of events. Robespierre had gotten a little… crazy.

After the queen and kind had been executed, Robespierre could not get enough of this killing. It seemed as though he always had someone to shove into the guillotine. France became a blood bath. We had all thought that Robespierre was the saviour of this country, but he had abused his power. I am pretty sure that he was killing people just for the joy of it. It was sick. For over a year soldiers upon soldiers had died and no one could stop Robespierre from doing it. We now call this the reign of terror. It was truly a frightening time. Even though I knew my family wouldn’t be harmed, I feared for the safety of my children and wife on the streets.Anyways, on July 28th,Maximillien Robespierre was finally guillotined.

There was a sort of calm after that in France. I think we were trying to recover from all of the events that had taken place in the past decade. From the initial food shortages and high bread prices and riots to the tennis court oath and constitution being formed as well as the death of the queen, king and Robespierre, I can say that these past few years have been challenging. I have seen the people of France rise and fall (as well as my bread prices), but I finally think that the future will bring some good into our lives. Who know what the future will bring us, ┬ábut I hope it’s better than what has taken place recently.

I am finally happy with my life and both my family and my bakery are finally doing well. This revolution has made me work through the hard times and realize what is most important to me. Even though many have suffered, this revolution has brought independence and growth to France. I have also learned that even though I might not be able to trust everyone in this country, the events that take place because of them shape who we are today.

Your local Baker,

Margot Bourgeois