August 18th 1791

Since my last journal entry, everything has changed. First there was the women’s march on Versailles, where a mob of thousands of women  and some men went to riot at Versailles over the high price of “my bread”. They blamed me without realizing that the real people to blame are the King and Queen. If they hadn’t of introduced the tax system where people in the third estate have to pay taxes and the nobility and clergy don’t. They realized that later,  and then that is when the national assembly and tennis court oath was formed. When I heard that people where finally trying to make a change in France, I was ecstatic. Since the bad harvest in July 1788, more and more people have starved, and my friends, family, and neighbours are dying everyday. My life, even as an unknown baker, has been difficult to say the least. Two years ago I watched my son suffer of malnutrition, and my wife grow skinnier everyday.  Watching them like that was unbearable, and there was nothing I could do. I tried to provide for my family and try to get us living a stable lifestyle, but it has always been a struggle. Now, it has put me to ease knowing that there have been, and there will be even more changes in France and the government. I am now assured that my family will be okay. We are no where near becoming a “perfect country”, but the third estate are making small steps everyday that will contribute to making France better than ever before.


January 20th, 1793

Tomorrow is the date set for King Louis XVI’s execution. I couldn’t be happier.

The king hasn’t had much power for a while now, but our country is still trying to recover from the years of hunger he brought upon us. Tomorrow marks the day where things will really change and when I, a suffering baker can finally feel like I have a say. Once Marie is gone, there will be no stopping me (and my bakery)! The national assembly has written a new constitution and France is now being ruled as a republic. Monarchs haven’t made one good impact country, so when the population comes together as one and finally has a say in how things are run, there will be no stopping us! France is already thriving with new ideas. Everyday I have seen more and more people coming into my bakery, and I have finally been able to sell my bread for a reasonable price. There have been ups and downs in France over the past few years, but I think we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel? Saying this, I feel like there will never be an end to the years of pain that Louis brought upon us. Who knows if his presence has influenced young leaders? That could bring even more devastation than before. We will have to gain our footing back and make seemingly endless suffering, countless riots, and eternal devastation never happen again in France.

Your local baker,

Margot Bourgeois