January 1789,

Instead of bustling streets full of customers just doing their daily shop, I now see streets full of people starving, unable to pay for even one loaf of my bread. Year after year there have been problems with the harvest and I can see the people of France slowly deteriorating due to this lack of food. After the large hail storm and extremely cold winter that ruined all of this years crops, I have had to work with the ingredients I have and significantly raise the price of the bread. To make up for these shortages, Jacques Necker, who had been reappointed as director of finances, had to import tonnes upon tonnes of grain and crops from other countries. This was a temporary solution to a long-term problem, and had barley lasted until December. We are back to where we were now: poor and hungry. If nothing changes soon, there will never be enough to feed the 28 million mouths that live here in France, let alone feed my family.

The food shortages are not the only cause to this mass famine. This could have all be avoided if Louis XVI could stop taxing us common folk and start taxing the first and second estate. We are starving and so he and his wife can eat lavishly in their palace? It all seems extremely unfair to me, plus I am getting most of the blame for this. There have been a few riots already in different parts of France, but nothing has really changed. People are still hungry, and people are still dying. I feel like I need to do something else, something important to stop this nonsense. Just you wait, Louis.

Your local Baker,

Margot Bourgeois

My name isn’t important to me, but the state of our country is.