Today is the 29th of April, meaning that In-Depth night is less than a month away! I have made a lot of progress since the beginning of this project, and I am so excited to share it with you on the night! This is my last blog post about my project before the night, so I will try to update you with this blog post as much as possible!

Sadly, all of my yoga classes with Shelley have ended. This means that I have had to do yoga on my own time, which I really enjoy! Some days that have been really stressful or tiring I will take out a yoga mat and do some stretches and poses. This calms me down and has become part of my daily routine! I really look forward to doing yoga on these days and might actually do some after I finish writing this blog post! I am going to try to find a few classes to do at Kushala yoga since I’m not going to any right now. This will allow me to have a new teacher and let me experience a new style of yoga! I am still looking at my schedule and trying to find a day/instructor that works, but hopefully I will be able to attend a few classes before in-depth night.

For In-Depth night I will be creating a learning center instead of doing a stage performance. I realized that it might be boring for the audience watch me do yoga for a few minutes and that having an interactive yoga learning center would be much more entertaining. Right now I have a few ideas for learning centers, but one that I really like and will probably be doing. In the beginning I wanted to just make a video or something to show at my learning center, but realized that it would probably be better if I were to do a live demonstration. This idea then made me think of yoga classes, and how I

The yoga studio dream! Taken from Google Images

The yoga studio dream! Taken from Google Images

could do a very quick one with people who wanted to participate. I will probably make them choose a few cards with yoga poses on them and create a very quick lesson and teach them how to preform those poses. I think this idea is really fun and will teach everyone who stops by more about yoga than if I were to just have a poster board or video of some sorts. There are a few problems with this idea that I will need to solve before the night. The first problem is the amount of space there is. From what I remember, there weren’t many learning centers that allowed for a lot of room. This makes me a bit concerned, considering I will need 2-3 yoga mats out at a time! Another one is people who come in the middle of me teaching someone else. I will need to figure out a way for people to come at specific times or a way I can answer questions while teaching others.

At the end of my last blog post I said I would include some pictures or videos, but I realized it would probably be more efficient to take those photos/videos at the end of this project so you can really see my progress on In-Depth night at my learning center. If I had posted them, I would’ve had to take multiple sets of photos instead of just two (beginning of project/after project). Anyway, if you want to see those photos, make sure to come check out my learning center! I am extremely excited for the night and can’t wait to share everything I have learning with you!