Let’s rewind to Socials 2015. Last year we looked at the Canadian Confederation with these main ideas and questions in mind: “Where have we been?” and “Where are we going?” I think about this question now as I reflect and look back at the work I did last year and how I want to grow and expand on that this year.

For my final last year, I wrote a fictional life of Sir Ambrose Shea, a political business figure in Newfoundland during the confederation. I expressed the ideas and opinions he had as well as the side that he took. I found that this really helped me gain a new perspective of the confederation that I wouldn’t have thought of if I hadn’t of done this project. My other posts and ideas last year contained some very open-ended questions as well as simply just the question of “why?”. I continue to have these big questions heading into Socials 9, knowing we will be covering the topic of “revolutions.”

However, to share these questions and ideas I have, I will need to participate in class discussions more which happens to be one of my goals for this year. I stated this as a goal last year, and found that once I got comfortable with the material and I understood it, I was able to express and share my opinions and ideas better. This year, I hope to just be able to speak freely without worry of saying something wrong (which is the main reason why I don;t contribute much in class). I will make it my goal to participate and contribute more in class, and with the new roles (moderators, note takers, etc.) hopefully those roles will make it easier for me to contribute. As well as communicating more effectively in

My goal is to confidently say this every day before class

My goal is to confidently say this every day before class

class, I also want to make it a goal to learn more than expected in class. I really like the idea of the Philosophy pop quiz, because it makes you think, discover and learn more about socials than you would without it. By talking to friends and family or searching something up on the internet, I can quickly expand my knowledge in socials that could also help me with my first goal.

As Mr. Jackson said in class, we want to work on developing all of the core competencies. Saying this, the one that I think matches my goals the best is definitely communication. Contributing and being a leader in class is all about having good communication skills. I think that once I work on my communication, then all of the other core competencies will fall into place as well. This will not only help me this semester in socials, but throughout my entire life.

The big idea that caught my attention was “Disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between societies.” As I was thinking about this big idea more and more, I realized that as well as relating to the relationship between Columbus and the Natives, that it also relates to many other relationships in the past like the world wars, for example. In the assignment where we had to write about how the big idea related to Columbus, I mainly wrote about how I thought that the main reason that the Natives didn’t have the ‘power’ in that situation wasn’t because of the “greater technology” that Columbus and the other sailors had. I think that the technology and weaponry that the Europeans brought over was utilised when Columbus realized he had the power over the Arawaks, not that Columbus had the power because of the technology. I think the main reason he thought he had the power over him was the mindset and values he had was much different from those of the Arawaks. Columbus was raised in a time where slavery was normal, whereas the Arawaks lived in a completely different society with completely different values and beliefs.

In the learning standards under “Curricular Competencies” it states that “students are expected to be able to do the following:” followed by a long list of skills we are going to learn how to do. The task right now seems huge, but I believe (and hope) we will be able to do everything on that list. We did touch on a few of the competencies last year like the cause/consequence, perspective and the first one, but I would like to fully achieve those and the other competencies by the end of the year.

Now finally, questions I have for this semester:

  1. What would society and the world look like now if the power between the Europeans and the Arawaks had swapped? (Arawaks enslaving/killing Europeans)
  2. What is the definition of a Revolution? How have they changed the world and the way we live?
  3. What caused us to believe that slavery, abuse, murder, etc. was okay? Is it just human nature?
  4. What exactly will will be covering this semester and how will we present what we learn?

I am pretty excited for this year in socials. Even though I thought that what we learned last year was interesting, I am more excited to learn all about revolutions this year. I have heard people ask to read more of Howard Zinn’s novel, “A People’s History of the United States” for later discussions, and I completely agree. I would really like to see new perspectives of other events that took place, which kind of relates back to my grade 9 final. Isn’t it funny how  everything somehow relates to eachother? Anways, thanks for reading my first document of learning! Until next time,