As my title alludes to, In-Depth is starting up again! By now, I already know what In-Depth is about, so I think this years project will be a lot easier for me. I am extremely excited for this years project, but also sad that this is the last big project for my Talons journey. Speaking of projects, I have decided to learn Yoga!


Mind – Body – Spirit

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Recently I have been extremely stressed out with trying to balance my school work, volleyball, and my personal/social
life.  I have heard from personal sources and online sources that yoga is extremely helpful for de-stressing and learning how to cope with the many stresses life can hand us. You may be wondering “Wow Christine is finishing her blog post early? Let’s celebrate!” But the reason for that is because I have a volleyball tournament in Oregon this weekend, so hopefully yoga can help with the stress from this extra work and volleyball. As well as improving my mental health, another reason why I chose yoga is to improve my overall physical health. Hopefully by doing yoga, my balance, flexibility and overall understanding of health will improve. The only sport I do is volleyball, and so hopefully I can improve my full range of movement with yoga instead of the limited range of movement that comes with volleyball. Lastly, since I am not a very spiritual person, I can learn about the spiritual side of yoga and connect with that.


Yoga : a Hindu philosophy that teaches a person to experience inner peace by controlling the body and mind (Merriam Webster definition)

As I stated before, I want to improve my overall health by learning the very beginner positions of yoga and how they can improve my body. Once I know I have learned those, I will try and move on to more advanced positions that need better balance, coordination, flexibility and posture. Saying this, I know that the yoga positions are only a fraction of what yoga is a about. I also want to learn the proper breathing techniques in yoga to relax. I can then use this skill in everyday stressful situations like upcoming tests and exams.


Kushala Yoga Studio – Google Images

I will be taking Yoga classes for girls my age at the Pinetree Community Centre. More information about Couitlam’s recreation programs here: . Once I have finished the program there, I hope to visit the Kushala yoga studio in Port Coquitlam. This studio will allow me to try the many different types of yoga. More info about Kushala here: http: //


This yoga course I have signed up at Pinetree Community Centre for runs from January 14th (today) to March 31st every Thursday. After those classes end, hopefully when I have joined Kushala, I will go at least one a week. I will also be trying to do yoga in my free time for at least 20-40 minutes everyday. In this time, I will practice this different yoga positions I have learned from the classes as well as breathing techniques.


Since my first yoga class is today, I have not yet met my mentor. I assume it will be a woman, because the class I am taking is an all female class. In the next blog post I will post more about her (possibly him?) but for now I don’t know much. At Kushala however, I hope to take classes with Alissa Martin. My mom used to do yoga there almost five years ago, and she recommended Alissa to me. I also want to try out other instructors and see how they teach, but the majority of the classes I will go to will probably be taught by Alissa.


Last year I was kind of lazy with blog posts and the project, but this year, I am going to be extra dedicated to learning these skills because it will positively affect everything about me. Hopefully this will change how I work and how I get the project done this year.

Kind of connecting this to what I am doing in planning, I have a few ideas on how choosing yoga could affect me in the short and long term. Hopefully by doing these yoga classes, I will become more relaxed and have a better state of mind. This will affect me in the short term as I have tests coming up, but by learning these techniques now, I can use them in future stressful situations.


That’s it for now for this blog post. I am super excited about this project in general, starting the yoga classes, and meeting my mentor! Before I end this, I would like to ask “have you have ever tried yoga?” I would love to hear your responses in the comments. Thanks!