I didn’t think I would be doing another interview so soon after Eminent, but here I am having done an interview with my opinion of a leader in the community. On Sunday, (December 13th) Nicole and I interviewed Justin Chan at the Pinetree Community Centre. Justin is the leader of the Coquitlam Youth Leadership Committee, which both Nicole and I are a part of. Not only is he a leader of the committee, he is also part of the staff working at Pinetree. He volunteered for Coquitlam for three years before becoming a part of the staff there, and it is his first year leading the Youth Leadership Committee. He has now worked at Pinetree for five and a half years.

Why he is my idea of a leader

He is my idea of an ideal interviewee because, well he is the LEADER of a LEADERSHIP committee. Do I really need to elaborate? Well I will elaborate anyway. In the interview, the question “What characteristics do you think are important for leaders to have” (#4) was asked. He replied saying that the characteristics of a good leader are being open-minded, self-reflective  and respectful. From personal experience of having him as the leader of our committee, I believe he holds all of these traits/characteristics. Not only does he have all of the characteristics, Justin wants to make a difference in each one of our lives, and overall make a difference in the community. He isn’t the mayor, or fire chief, but he is a leader not too much different or older than us who wants to help not only people, but the community as a whole.

Questions asked in the interview

Since Nicole and I interviewed him together, we both came up with about 5 questions to ask him each, but we both had a few of the same questions, so I will just list the questions that were asked in the interview that wasn’t just basic information about him. You can listen to the interview here: http://www.driveplayer.com/#fileIds=0Bzo1XDxY8–7a0t0dHlvLVlycTA&userId=115299757152145807250

(starts at around 00:13)


  1.  (00:13) Was there anyone or anything that inspired you to become a leader?
  2.  (03:30) What do you like the most about being part of the staff?
  3.  (04:49) What advice would you give to someone trying to become a successful leader?
  4.  (06:09) What characteristics do you think are important for leaders to have?
  5.  (07:42) As a leader, what are some challenges or obstacles you have had to overcome?
  6. (relating to #5) How did you overcome them? 
  7. (10:00) What is the most important thing to you about being a part of the staff (misson, value, visions)
  8.  (13:40) What have you accomplished as being a staff in the city of Coquitlam program?


What did I learn/What can I take from this Interview?

I learned that to be a good leader such as Justin, I need to be self-reflective and have dedication. Also, I will use his advice on how to be a successful leader when I have to be one in future projects (questions #3). I learned that to be a successful leader, you have to want to be a leader. Justin didn’t spend five and a half years of his life to not want to be a leader, he looked up to those who inspired him and strived to be like that. He had to overcome challenges along the way, but in the end he just wants to help make a difference in peoples lives and the community. From this, I have learned that even if you do have to face challenges, your motive will always help you conquer those challenges or obstacles.

What I can take from this interview was the actual experience of doing an interview. I have never done an interview face-to-face before, and I think this has prepared me for future job interviews or any other interviews I will have to do in my life. For eminent, I did an interview over the phone which boosted my confidence of talking on the phone. This project has impacted me similarly, as it has boosted by confidence when talking in-person with people.

That is it for my “Leader in the Community” post! I didn’t have any web or paper sources of him or anything in this post, so that is why I didn’t include a bibliography.

Before I finish this post, I would love to hear what you think makes a good leader below in the comments!

Thanks for reading!