*OKAY SO I am desperately trying to figure out ways to upload the photos from the night, but it is not allowing it and it is making me really frustrated, so they will be uploaded in a few days if I can figure it out! I’m sorry!*


After my speech I lay down underneath the black curtains swaying from the excitement of everyone, laughing. I was in utter shock that that had just happened, I was hysterical. I had just done my speech. This was (almost) the final part of this project, and I had just done it. I remember thinking about how I would feel after my speech last year, and now I was finally feeling everything. I was happy, sad, excited, regretful, and glad. I had just overcome my biggest fear and obstacle. It was over. I am quite sad writing this now, because I will never have an opportunity like this again, but I am so glad it happened and I will remember it forever.

My day

Okay you can say it was dedication, but honestly, it was a set of unfortunate circumstances. So the night before, the thing I was hoping wouldn’t happen, happened (thinking about it know I find it kind of funny). So my power went out for like five hours? Seriously, the night before Night of the Notables by power went out. I swear these terrible things always happen to me. So I couldn’t access anything I needed for my learning center that was on my computer. Thank the lords for friends because Melanie Osborne saved my poor life at that moment of complete stress by inviting me over to work at her house. I got most of my boards done, but I still couldn’t access my documents. I went to bed that night hoping that the internet lords would save my house and give us the internet I needed. My mom let me stay home for block one and two to work on my learning center and also to get some rest after that traumatic experience. Everything after lunch was a blur until I got on that stage and performed my speech.

My Speech

I am pretty with how my speech went, and I am really glad I didn’t forget my lines, which was my number one fear. I have never performed on a stage like that in front of all those people, so looking back, I was really awkward and didn’t know how to move around. I wish I had more experience, but it’s over now, so I can only look at all of the good things that I did!

My learning center:

Okay so this year I was super impressed with every single learning center that was made. I mean people had light shows and tents and huge structures and entire room set-ups. Compared to everyone’s, mine was obviously not as good. I could blame the whole power outage incident, but I won’t. I also shouldn’t compare mine to others, but I do, and it’s hard not to do honestly.

Before the project I brainstormed ideas for my learning center, but I found it hard to come up with any that could be practical with the space and resources I had. I originally wanted to completely recreate Marie Curie’s lab, but very quickly realized that would not be happening. In the end I had a large table in the middle of my locker bay, covered in beakers, flasks, test-tubes, etc. With that I had two boards on either side of me with Marie’s basic information in case I was getting something to drink and someone walked past. I also had a game of “spot the elements she discovered” below the table as my interactive part. I really wish I had an experiment or something more visual that would make my learning center stand out from the others, but I had very few ideas, most of which were improbable. I think my learning center last year was a lot better as I had a lot of props and it stood out with lights, but I am still pretty proud of what I put out this year, even though it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

Did I meet my goals?

My three goals for the project were 1. Have fun, 2. Get everything done on time, and 3. Make sure I am prepared for my speech. I can say that I met most of my goals. I had so much fun with this project. It was very stressful at times *cough cough night before cough*, but I managed to get through it and have a lot of fun on the night. Number two I struggled with because I had a lot going on while the project was in progress, but I am also a professional procrastinator (I definitely need to work on this more). I have struggled with not-procrastinating my entire life, but I really, really want to change that because it would cut out so much stress from my life. For this project, I got everything done on time, except for my blog posts which were usually a few days to a couple weeks late. Number three I definitely accomplished. I made sure I was super prepared for my speech because as I said, forgetting my lines was my #1 biggest fear. I am so glad that I was prepared and didn’t forget my lines(now if only I could stop procrastinating with everything else!)


What will I remember from the night/the project?

The first few sentences (after the stressed out edit in the very beginning) perfectly describe what I will remember from the night. The rush of relief that hit me after my speech, and the pangs of nervousness before. Aside from that, I will also remember the buzzing atmosphere that night where everyone was excited and nervous and proud to be a Talon. I sure am. I can honestly say that that night was one of the best (and most tiring) nights of my life, and I will never, ever forget it.


First off I would like to thank everyone in TALONS for being so supportive of me, my speech, and my project, especially right before going on stage! Everyone really calmed me down and made me excited instead of nervous :). I would like to thank my parents for taking photos of me during the speech (even though I don’t want to look at them again haha). HUGE thank you to Melanie who saved me the night before Night of the Notables, love ya girl. Lastly, I would especially like to thank Ms. Mulder and the other teachers for making this night possible (and Ms. Mulder for allowing me to borrow some equipment from the science department for my learning centre 🙂 )


And that was my final Eminent 2015 blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. I am sad there will be no more Eminent blog posts ever, but I enjoyed this journey and I am now looking forward to In-Depth! Thank you for reading!