This is going to be one of my last blog posts from Eminent 2015 🙁 ! Here I have included five links to my favourite websites I used during this project. I have also included one book to read if you are ever at the library and are in need of something incredible to read.



This was the first website I went to, as I always know it will contain a lot of useful information on anything I search for. Wikipedia had a lot of information compared to some of the other sites I went to, which was really helpful for this project, but it you want a quick biography of her, this might not be for you. It also provided a lot of pictures which was really nice as it allowed me to see her lab and her family instead of having to picture it.



Although there wasn’t a lot of information like there was with Wikipedia, I know, considering it is the official Nobel prize site, that this website probably contains the most accurate information out of all of the websites listed here. Marie also won two Nobel prizes, so it was really interesting to see her on the official website.



I really like this website because it offers pictures, text, journal entries, and articles that other websites don’t have. There is quite a bit of interesting information on this website, making it a good source.



This website is much like Wikipedia in the amount of information, but there aren’t many pictures, so it makes it quite hard to read. This website provided me with a lot of new information, as well as more detailed information. I suggest this if you have a lot of time to read a lot of information!



This last website was one of my favourites as it focused a lot on the science aspect of her life. They made what she discovered and learned really easy to understand, as there is not too much information and the information they give is detailed. There aren’t any pictures other than a portrait, but there are quotes at the bottom of the article which made this website unique.


The Book


Picture from Google Images, the cover of "Radioactive"

Picture from Google Images, The cover of “Radioactive”

Radioactive by: Lauren Redniss

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about Marie Curie and History in general, but is too bored of the typical biographies. It uses bold and

Taken from Google images, inside of "Radioactive"

Taken from Google images, inside of “Radioactive”

colourful imagery and drawing in the pages. With each turn of the page you are hooked on the powerful text and drawings, making you want to read more and more. I found this book at the Vancouver Public Library, and I am so glad I chose this book over any other. It gave me accurate, concise information about Marie Curie while not only focusing on the science part of her life, but also the relationships in her life. Pick this book up if you have the chance!