EDIT: Okay so I did actually write this about three or four days before Night of the Notables, but I couldn’t figure out a way to get the picture I took of the dress uploaded. It still tells me I can’t upload it because the file size of the picture or something is too big, so I am very sorry 🙁

Night of the Notables is only a few days away! I will be up on that stage preforming as Marie Curie before I know it! This project has honestly been so much fun and I am sad it will be over in a few days.

Anyways, for my document of learning, I am going to focus on a few things.

First up, my speech

What you are about to read took me much longer than it should have. I tried to brainstorm ideas, topics, and themes for my speech, but nothing on the paper “clicked” with me. A few days later I was on a walk by myself because I was really stressed about this, and I immediately knew what I wanted to do. So here is my second draft of my speech.

My Speech:

How could I have failed to take this into consideration before? You would have thought, considering I have won two Nobel prizes in two different fields of science, that I would have realized earlier the detrimental effects the result of my hard work, sweat and tears would cause. Such a simple mistake that just slipped past me, will now taunt me with sickness. Changing the past is not possible, but without mistakes, how does one learn? There is a time for everyone, and mine is coming to an end.

I have been overexposed to what Pierre and I discovered many years ago. I carried around vials of the radioactive elements, being proud of discovering them. For days, months, years I have worked with radium, polonium and x-rays, all of which emit toxic levels of radiation. While helping the victims of war by developing portable x-Ray machines for use on the battlefield, I did not realize that while I was helping others I was killing myself: yet it was an act I was willing to do, regardless of the consequences.

Fatigue has taken over my body, and it is hard for me to complete everyday tasks, like standing. But for what I have accomplished, it was worth it.

I leave this world knowing that the curious minds of future generations will continue and expand on my work, changing the face of science once again.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out and I have most of it memorized, but I guess we will see when I have to preform it in front of that huge crowd!


Up next, my learning center and costume


Last year, I was pretty impressed with how my learning center turned out considering I had done it the night before (or should I say morning of…). This year I wanted to start earlier than that so I wouldn’t stress out at 1am on the day like I did last year. I have most of the materials I need apart from the ones classmates are bringing in for me, but as for everything else, I think I will be okay. I am pretty uninspired this year for what to do, so I am hoping something will come to me to make my learning center that much better. In my reflection I will post my finished product, but I think that is it for my learning center for now.

Last year I was extremely envious of the grade 10’s getting to dress up, but here I am ready with my costume realizing our time has finally come! Today I went to Value Village in hopes of finding the perfect outfit for “Marie Curie”. After looking at racks and racks of dresses and skirts, I came across this one! At first I wasn’t sure it was right, but when I tried it one, I knew it was perfect. I mean what are the chances of finding a dress that looks like something Marie would wear, but also something that fits me really well! (also it was $4 so how could it get any better?)

IEP and Personal Goals


I have two IEP goals that relate this project, and they were focused around reading and public speaking. I had to read a lot about Marie Curie, and ended up reading many many biographies and I also read a book on her. Along with reading in my spare time, I managed to reach my goal. For public speaking, I have asked about five people to proofread my speech and give me feedback on my performance. Hopefully this helps me reach on of my goals which is to get an excellent mark on my speech.

In my intro post I stated that I had three goals for the project which where 1. Have fun, 2. Get everything done on time, and 3. Make sure I am prepared for my speech. So far, even though it has been pretty stressful, I am definitely having fun! I am really excited for the actually night, where the real fun happens. I have been struggling with my next goal, which is getting everything done on time. As you can see, this blog posts and the others have all been late. I am really bad at time-management and my priorities are never right. For my other blog posts, I am going to try to get them all in on time so I can say I partially achieved this goal. For my last goal, being prepared for my speech, I can confidentially say that I am right now, and will definitely be prepared for the night. I struggle with public speaking, so I made this one of my top priorities, and I think I have achieved it.


I am extremely excited to see all of the hard work the grade 9’s have done come together on the night. Last year was really fun, and I hope that is the case for this year as well! Thanks for reading and I will see you in my next post!