Money can buy us pretty much anything these days, but there is never enough of it to go around. Think of the larger countries like the US. They are in over 17 trillion of dollars of debt that will never be paid off. They keep spending money we don’t have. This isn’t to say Canada isn’t in any debt either, because it is. Canada is in over one trillion dollars of debt. Now that isn’t that bad when you compare it to the Unites States, but it is still one trillion dollars. Imagine a debt-free, society with a good economy. It may be hard to imagine, but it could be possible, and Canada could slowly make more changes to make this possible. The key is to find a balance of what to spend on, what not to spend on, who and what to tax, and who and what not to tax. If that balance is found, Canada could be on its way to a better and smarter economy.

I believe that if Canada has a strong economy, then all of the other narratives will become strong too. This is why I believe that Economy is the most important narrative. Strong economy = strong future. Saying this, I believe that the future party to be elected should have a huge say in growing the economy and implementing strategies to further grow the economy we have. All of the political parties in Canada all have plans for the economy, and all of them differ quite a bit; however, from what I heard in class and what I read, they all have some sort of plan to tax larger cooperation’s or richer people, so that the middle class families don’t have to pay high taxes. It is hard to make a choice out of all of the parties, because it is like what Hannah said, “choosing the lesser of four evils”.

Each party says that they are going to deal with the economy differently, making this choice of who I think will strengthen the economy the most, a difficult one. The conservatives have done an okay job of keeping the economy stable, but I believe we need a left-wing party to come in and really make a difference. Those right-wing conservatives are exactly what they are: conservative. They want to keep to old traditions, but we need a party who will come in and change Canada for the better by looking at the future and not the past. I believe that out of everyone, the liberal party will do the best job of this. They have plans to make the economy fair (hence the #fairness). Their plans for the economy seem most realistic and manageable, but it seems like this party along with all of the others are committing to things they will never follow through with. Most of their plan is probably just for that “x” on that ballet, and not actually for changing Canada.

We know where Canada has been, but we don’t know its future, so hopefully our generation or future generations will have a stronger economy then us, and will thrive in the future.