The prescribed learning outcome B2 is a very large topic that will take a long time and many hours to cover. These past few weeks we have explored and gone in-depth to understand more about the interactions between the Aboriginal peoples and the Europeans. There are parts of this topic that I really understand and know a lot about, and other parts I want and need to learn more about.

Some of the past few social classes have been quite depressing due to the material (residential schools…), but I feel as though it is very important to have this knowledge about our country, as it can change how we look at it in the future. Yes, the government made mistakes, but it is extremely important to know about these mistakes so we can know what exactly the Aboriginal peoples had to go through. Anyway, saying that I believe that after discussing this in class I know a lot more about this particular part of the topic. Also after reading that long package in class about the treaties and how and why they came to be, I know about those more as well. These treaties shaped how the Aboriginal people and European settlers would learn to interact and live with each other. These agreements were significant in the making of Canada as well, because without them, this country could be completely different, and the relationship between to Aboriginal people and the Europeans could be much different.

To fully complete this PLO I would like to know more about how the country could be different if there were no residential schools, or the government thought differently about them. I would also like to know if there were many people who didn’t attend the schools because they escaped or hid, and how they feel about the topic. I would love to find out if there were any non-attendees, and why they didn’t go, and how they feel now compared to someone who did attend. One of my mom’s friend Michael is Aboriginal, and he told us a story about how he had to attend these schools with his brother. He had terrible, un-repeatable things happen to him that make me sad even thinking about it, so I wonder how someone like him would feel compared to someone that didn’t attend would feel. Also relating to that, I would like to find out the motives that the government had to make the Aboriginal people more “civilized”, and why they thought it was right. Also, did the population know, or was it kept a secret like it is to us now? The government tries to hide the past from us, but how long have they been doing it, and to who? If I were to answer these questions and thoughts I have, I think I would be able to further complete this PLO.

If I were to answer all of these questions right now, I think I would be also addressing the PLO’s B1 and B4. I found it hard to find PLO’s that relate to the questions I asked, but these I found were most relevant, During my search for answers about these question I will probably learn more about the general daily life of both the Europeans and Aboriginal Peoples. Also part of that PLO is relating the status of ethnic minorities in Canada to the societal attitudes of the time, so it would be relating the Aboriginal People maybe instead of Chinese workers or other races. All of the interactions with the aboriginal peoples/Europeans contributed to the changing of national identity as in the treaties/residential schools. This is why I think that I would partially address the PLO B4 in course of answering these questions. Answering these questions I have would not only address the PLO’s but they would allow me to understand and learn more about other ethnicities other than my own.

Thanks for reading, and that is all for now. I will see you in my next post!