My Final In-Depth post… for now


I remember in January thinking about the end of this project. Well, it’s coming to an end. In less than one month, (25 days to be exact) the talons students will be presenting and hosting our In-Depth night. This is really exciting for me because I love to see how projects like this can produce amazing final products. Anyways, for my project, it has been going pretty well considering how busy it has been. It’s AprilMayJune, and with the Adventure Trip (and Nationals for me), and other projects, it has become quite busy. I try my best to set aside around 5-6 hours every week to work in Photoshop, even with this busy schedule.

One of the projects I had recently worked on was creating a flyer for my environmental issue group’s action project. When we decided what we were going to do for our project, I immediately volunteered to create this flyer so I could work on both the Environmental Issue’s project, and also this one! It was like a two for one special! The only problem was that I hadn’t done much graphic design before because I was mainly focusing on photo transformation. I asked Christina (my mentor) for help and tips with graphic design, and she was super informative and willing to help. She had had a lot of experience with it before because she makes many of the posters around the school, so a lot of her tips were useful when

My environmental issue group's flyer for our action project.

My environmental issue group’s flyer for our action project.

making this flyer. She told me all about the importance of typography, and how it can “make or break” the flyer. She also taught me how to make a banner-type shape, which I then used in the flyer! I am pretty happy with how it turned out considering it was my first graphic design project! It was really cool to see how the skills I have learned from this project can be used in everyday projects, like making these sorts of flyers or posters!


As for De Bono,

I actually haven’t met with my mentor for two weeks now because we both have really busy schedules and it is hard to find a day that works for both of us, so when we meet I try to get and retain as much information as I can. This week with De Bono is all about Interruption and attitude.



I can’t recall a specific time one of us interrupted each other, but I know it has happened. It has happened when I have been really confused about a certain thing Christina was doing, so I had to interrupt and ask why she did that or how she did that. Another time is when I will be working on something and she will interrupt me for a second to tell me that there is an easier or better way of doing it, and then she will show me. I think these interruptions are really important otherwise I will either be really confused about something, or I could be doing something less efficiently/effectively. Without these interruptions it would be much more difficult to learn, so yes, I think they are justifiable and very important.


I think that most of the conversations Christina and I have are made with the learner attitude. Since, I am the one that is learning form Christina, I will try and learn something from the conversations we have when she is teaching me. This attitude is used whenever she is teaching me something new, like a new tool or way of completing a task.

The second attitude I think we use a lot in conversation is the explorer attitude. She and I both try to explore new ideas and ways of doing things. I will mainly ask her about different ways of doing a certain task to make it more efficient for myself or more effective for the project. This attitude really helps my learning and the outcomes of the projects.


And as for my learning center…

I have been thinking about this quite a lot recently because there is only 25 days left of this project, and I have decided to keep my learning centre simple and effective. Obviously I am not going to be performing, because there is nothing to perform! I am thinking about having a computer at my station along with the before/after picture of all of the images I have photoshopped. I am also going to include the graphic design projects I have completed. I want to have the people attending to have a chance to try out using Photoshop if they have never used it before, so I am probably going to have a computer set up with that as well.


That is it for all of my blog posts! I am still not sure if we are all going to write an In-Depth reflection post yet, but I hope to write another In-Depth blog in the future!