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This last Friday we presented our final address to wrap up our role-playing. I was pretty sad actually, because I really enjoyed learning about all of these different people involved with the Confederation, and really understanding what the views were on it. If you were curious, the text below is what I presented on Friday (my person’s name is Ambrose Shea and he was a large part of the government in Newfoundland. He was mainly known for participating in the Quebec conference.)


These past few years have been crazy. So many things have been accomplished, and not accomplished, I am losing track of it all! I start off as being this unknown newspaper editor, and here I am, the governor of the Bahamas. Well, I guess that’s not exactly what I wanted, but it will make do for now. After becoming a member of the government in Newfoundland, I didn’t think much more would come out of it. Oh how wrong I was! One of the proudest moments of my life was being invited to the Quebec conference! I am still proud of that to this day, 20 years later. I didn’t really know where life would take me, but I am glad it took me in the direction it did. Except for the part when almost the entire population of Newfoundland disagreed with me! As a liberal, I believed that having Newfoundland join the confederation would be a good move for this colony, but I guess the population thought differently. They just wanted Newfoundland to stay the same and never change, but what good comes out of that? Hopefully the future generations will realize that they should join Canada, and leave the British. I tried my best to convince Newfoundland to join the confederation, but they never listened, and they thought I was crazy. After I lost that vote, my ego dropped and everything was going wrong. I thought I had done a good job? But I failed…. Looking back at it, I should have tried harder to convince them. If only they knew what they were missing out on! That conservative F. B. T Carter making everyone want what he wants: the exact opposite of what I want. Well, at least I tried right? I don’t want to be remembered as a man who failed. I want to be remembered as a man who tried…. And THEN failed. I guess that doesn’t sound too much better, but as my father always said before he passed, “you may be disappointed if you fail, but you are Doomed if you don’t try.
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