November 27, 1864


Dear Isabella,

Upon my arrival back in Newfoundland, I expected something a bit different. I thought the population would agree with me, but I guess not.

The Quebec conference was remarkable. The setting, the conference itself, and what happened where unforgettable. Even though it rained the entire time, I tried to keep my spirits up and just focus on the task in front of me. As you know, after the Charlottetown conference, they invited the maritime colonies (including Newfoundland), and I was invited along with Frederic Bowker Terrington Carter. Me! It was such an honour. What great things I thought it would do for my career. Anyway, when we discussed the Québec Resolutions, I completely agreed with what was being said, and supported every aspect of it. But that’s the problem.

You see I thought it would be a good move for this colony, but the people just want Newfoundland to stay the same. Many people here are against the whole “confederation” idea, and they just want Newfoundland to stay the same. I am trying to get people on my side, but I couldn’t even sway the Catholic opinion in my favour. I will not give up though, just like you taught me. I will try my best to get my point across to the others and hopefully convince everyone that the confederation would be a good thing.

Well, I must get back to work as I have a busy few weeks ahead. Please send me letters when you can, as it’s been so long since I have seen you.

Yours truly,

– Ambrose Shea