Finding a link that interested me and was providing of new information to me was quite a challenge. After going through about 15 of the “green” links, I stumbled across this one –

This article explains how treaties made by aboriginal people and the British were formed and why, from the years 1811-1867. The ones they mention are the Niagara treaty (1764, and the rescinding of the treaty in 1836) , the Selkirk treaty (1817), Bond Head treaties (1836), Province of Canada treaties (1850-1862), and the Douglas Treaties (1850-1854). Basically treaties these treaties were an agreement between the British and the Aboriginal people. Usually, the Aboriginals would gain presents and money, and the British would obtain some of their land; however, there were many disagreements and disputes between the two.

This particular topic doesn’t really have many connections to my first document of learning because I talked more about the world as a whole, but I think there are some very broad connections that can be made. In the document of learning I talked about the world going through a lot to get to where we are now, and if I was talking about Canada, that statement wouldn’t change. Since the very discovery of our home we call Canada, people have done and gone through so much to get Canada to where it is. Specifically talking about this article, the British, Canadian and Aboriginal people of Canada had to fight in the war of 1812 to stop the invasion of the Americans, and eventually win the war. I think what said previously also relates to section B2 in the prescribed learning outcomes. The Aboriginal peoples have contributed so much to the development of Canada, and they have made this nation the Canada we know today.