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Month March 2015

In-Depth post #5/6 – Flower Power and the Dreaded Pen Tool

Wow, a few more weeks have gone by, and I think I am making great progress! Over Spring break I actually didn’t get to do much due to me being away for most of the time, but I tried to… Continue Reading →

Journal Entry #1

March 3rd, 1840 Today was another really uneventful day. Right now I am not sure what I want to do, as I am only twenty five. When I look back at this journal 30 years from now, I hope to… Continue Reading →

Pre-Confederation treaties: 1811-1867

Finding a link that interested me and was providing of new information to me was quite a challenge. After going through about 15 of the “green” links, I stumbled across this one – This article explains how treaties made… Continue Reading →

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