So far, I have been really enjoying the in-depth project. It’s almost week nine now, and I can’t believe how much I have learned. I have been really been enjoying the entire learning process, and realizing I can now (sort of) Photoshop images!

I have been doing a lot more Photoshop now that I have a computer in my room almost completely dedicated to it. Almost every other day I have been playing around with it and learning new tools, filters, techniques, etc. I have come a long way from not knowing anything, to knowing so much! Right now I am in ICT 9 (info-tech), and for the last few weeks we have been working specifically on Photoshopping images. Throughout the course, I feel like my skills have improved, and I have learned so much (mainly because we have to use Macs in ICT, and I’m used to Windows).

This week I met up with my mentor, Christina. She has taught me so much about photo manipulation and graphic design using Photoshop. I have learned so much in the past session with her, I feel like what I knew before was nothing compared to what I now know!

As for De Bono, this week while working with Christina I asked a lot of questions relating to how to do certain things with photo manipulation on Photoshop, and I got to listen and learn a lot when she taught me more about the graphic design portion of Photoshop. I have not really done a lot with graphic design, but Christina had done a lot in the past and she was very experienced with it and I thought those skills would be very useful. Since I didn’t know a lot about graphic design, she took me step-by-step on how she completed various works of her own. I tried my best listen to all the details so I could absorb the information, and hopefully use that information on some of my projects in the future.

I have done quite a bit of photo manipulation, so when we were working on that, I asked more detailed questions about the specific tools, layer styles, filters etc. I asked a few multiple choice questions like “would it be more efficient to use lasso or quick selection” or “would it be more effective to use this filter, this filter or this filter?” etc. I found those multiple questions really effective when trying to learn different tools and techniques, and gain upon my skills and knowledge. I also asked for explanations when she showed me things to understand why that particular skill or tool may be more efficient or useful, or why she did that certain thing. This really helped me understand things that I didn’t previously know, and made it much easier for me to use Photoshop.

You may be wondering why this post went up this Friday instead of last, and its because last week I didn’t meet with Christina, so it would have been hard to write post. I hope you understand. :)