I think my in-depth project is coming along nicely. In the last 6 weeks I have learned so much about Photoshop it’s crazy. I am so glad that I am doing this for my project, as I am having a lot of fun (and laughs) and gaining so much information about Adobe Photoshop.

courtesy of goodreads.com

courtesy of goodreads.com

So far, the hardest part for me about this project was finding a mentor, but a few days ago, after I had contacted a few teachers and friends, I had finally found a mentor! Christina Zhang, a grade 12 Talons alumna is going to be my mentor throughout the project. We are meeting next week, and I can’t wait to learn more, and share what I have created with her.

This week I have focused on colour alterations/adjustments on several pictures. I have borrowed a book from the library to teach me all about different techniques that can be applied when altering and applying colour. Before I had the book I only knew how to use a few tools, but after reading it, I have learned a whole new array of techniques and skills that I would have never had without it. It is also a really good resource if I want to check something to make sure I am doing it correctly, or to see if I can do it more effectively/efficiently. This week, I used what I had learned from the book and from my knowledge, and I edited 2 pictures: one of my own, and one from the internet.

About half a year ago, I took a picture of double rainbow on my camera, but for some reason, the colours weren’t nearly as bright as they were in real life. I took to Photoshop to fix this problem and enhance the colours. I am pretty happy with the result, but I have not yet completed it because there are a few minor adjustments I would still like to make. In the next blog post, I will hopefully have completed it so I can share it with you. As for the picture from the internet, it is completed. I saw an image on google of a lemon sliced in half and each segment was a different colour of the rainbow. (I wanted to edit images with rainbows to really test my skills on colour haha) I wanted to take this on myself to really challenge my abilities. I am pretty happy with the result, considering it only took me 20 minutes! (this is really fast for me haha) If you are reading this on Friday, the picture will not be up because I do not have the picture saved onto my tablet, but it will be up on Saturday when I have access to my main computer.

I am honestly having so much fun with this project, and don’t want it to end. Even though I know I’m nowhere near good, I am still having fun learning from my mistakes and laughing about them throughout this entire project.

– Christine