There is only 5 months left of the In-Depth project. It’s like I am having déjà vu with the Eminent Person project. It came so fast, and left so quickly, but here we are at my second In-Depth post.

Progress wise, I have not made much. First, it took me two weeks to get my computer working (My dad had to install a new motherboard and CPU because the original motherboarddidnt have enough memory for Photoshop. We then realized that the new motherboard wouldn’t work with the old CPU, so we had to replace that aswell. haha) We only got it up and running a few days ago, but we still had to install Photoshop onto it.

Overall, I have probably only done about 2 hours of Photoshop on that computer so far, and I’m planning on doing more today. I’m not very good, (as I would expect to be) but I have learned the very basics like how to use some of the main tools. I’m mainly just playing around with all the tools, and trying to figure out how they work, and how they can be applied to a photo. Some of the very basics tools I have learned include the marquee tool, cropping, lasso, eraser, magic wand, and the pen/paintbrush tool. I know they are the very basics, but if you don’t know the basics, you won’t know the more advanced tools/techniques.

So, funny story with my mentor. I saw a Photoshop course in an adult education magazine, so I called them up and asked them about the course. They said it would be fine for me to attend the classes, so I asked to sign up. A week before the actual class was supposed to happen (January 22) I found out that the practice days for my volleyball had been switched to the same days as the Photoshop course. I’ve been working really hard to find a mentor these past few days, and I have a couple of options I have already contacted, and some I am going to contact today.

I am over the moon-excited about doing this project. Ever since I started playing around with Photoshop at lunch in the ICT room, I have taken a huge interest in it, and can’t wait to delve deeper into the world of Photoshop.

Oh, and thank-you to Melanie for helping me out when I have struggled and been completely lost. Those masterpieces I made at lunch would not have been done without you. hahaha 😉

– Christine