Challenge 1: Tension

I face many challenges when leading, so I think it’s great that this book points them out. Most of the times when leading, I become stressed or worked up, so I have to finds ways to deal with the tension. I usually just have to take a step back to calm myself down for a bit, and then continue. This also helps get a new perspective and idea on things if I just step back and look at it differently.


Challenge 2: Frustration

When I find myself following a leader who is ineffective, I should probably think that what they are doing is best for the team. I may not agree with them at the time, but I might realize later that what they did helped everyone out.


Challenge 3: Multi-hat

To be completely honest, I usually react terribly when plans change or something comes up. I get quite disappointed or displeased sometimes, especially if it change happens at the last minute. I should probably learn to be more flexible by knowing that change could happen, and expecting it to.


Challenge 4: Ego

As a student, there is no promotion possible, so I tend to focus more of my energy on production rather than promotion. I think that even if I were in a workplace, I would still focus more of my energy onto production. I think I would do this because I like to get things done rather than leaving them and spending more energy on myself.


Challenge 5: Fulfillment

When a team of people succeeds I tend to feel pleased with the work everyone has done. If I am working with others, there will probably be more problems than if I was working alone, so I would feel more satisfied with a group win. When I receive individual recognition I feel really accomplished and reassured of my skills; however, knowing that everyone put in their best effort is much more appealing than receiving individual recognition.


Challenge 6: Vision

I would much rather see others fulfill their own vision then mine. I love seeing other people’s ideas being put to use, because you are able to help them achieve their goals, rather than yours. They are also always so grateful and thankful of your contributions to their vision, and I love seeing their faces when we have finished.


Challenge 7: Influence

I definitely think caring and motivation are huge contributors to how well the team does. Most of the time, if I see them doing a good job, I will tell them exactly that. If they need a bit of motivation, I will try my best to motivate them. As a team, we have to work together and tell each other encouraging things to get the task completed.


– Christine :)