To be a great leader, we usually watch other aspiring leaders. We listen to them and take their advice so one day, we might be like them. One peer I look up to has taught me this year that “It’s impossible to not make mistakes, but how you deal with them is what matters.” I think this is so relevant and true to any leader, and has really helped me become a better leader.

I think that I am learning to lead all the time. In everyday situations I am constantly put in leadership positions where I watch other leaders and learn to be a better leader. Currently I have a few opportunities that could further my leadership skills. Some include helping to run the first aid courses that are happening in February, and fundraising with my team to get enough money to go to the Volleyball National Championships.

I find that sometimes I am more of a follower than a leader, but when needed I will become a leader. I find that great leaders will make me want to follow them. They give clear instructions and ideas, they have had a good track record (so I know I can trust them), and they work with others really well. These three qualities really make me want to follow those leaders.

I find that if you have a good leader, then no one will criticize them. In our Quads/committees, there is very little to no criticism when the quad leaders make a decision. However, sometimes there is questioning from some of the followers, but that’s usually just them wondering why the leader made that decision and suggesting what might be more effective or efficient.

My parents own their own First Aid Company, Safe + Sound First Aid Training (shameless self-promo right here 😉 ), so I know what it is like for them to own their own company. Some of the cons are that they have waaaay more responsibilities, and there is a lot of paperwork and registrations so it can be very stressful. The pros mostly outweigh the cons in the ways that they are allowed to take as many (reasonable) vacation days as they want, they can run their company how they want, they can tell people what to do, and they work from home.

Personally, this may sound so cliché or cheesy, but I think I’m capable of achieving anything reasonable if I set my mind to it. I think reaching my potential be really hard to do because I set really high goals for myself, so if I reached it I would have accomplished a lot.

Most people don’t want to be CEO of a company, and even if you want to be one and know you might never be one, you should never give up leading. If everyone gave up leading, there would be no leaders in this world and everything will go to ruins. Knowing that you might now be CEO should make you want to be more of a leader to show you have what it takes to be a CEO. Don’t give up leading or else there will only be followers in this world, and without leaders, they have no one to follow.