The time has finally come! We are starting our (almost) six month in-depth project. I remember going to the in-depth night last year and thinking of all the possibilities for this year. I am so so so excited to start this project now knowing what I would like to do – Photoshopping. No, not going to a store to buy photos, I mean the Photoshop in which you edit and enhance photos ( I was very surprised at the amount of people that I had to explain that to…. hahaha).


The perfect mix of eggs and bald guys

Who doesn’t want to turn a carton of eggs into a carton of people? 😉

I have done very small amounts of photoshopping at lunch time in the ICT computer lab, and I really enjoyed it! It was mostly me trying to figure out how to upload photos onto the program, but I had fun doing it! I am taking ICT 9 next semester, and I know that part of the course is a Photoshop unit so hopefully that will help me in this project. Now that I know I want to do photoshopping for my project, I have also started playing around with it on my computer. I’m still finding it hard to do much, but I guess that’s why we need a mentor! I don’t have a mentor yet, but I am planning on taking a weekly Photoshop course in the tri-cities, or find someone who can do one-on-one lessons. If you know anyone who would be a suitable mentor, a comment would be greatly appreciated J.


I bow down to whoever made this

By the end of this project I really want to be familiar with all of the main tools of photoshop and be able to edit any photo quite quickly. This might be a large goal, but as everyone always says, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

– Christine