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Month January 2015

In-Depth post #2

Wow. There is only 5 months left of the In-Depth project. It’s like I am having déjà vu with the Eminent Person project. It came so fast, and left so quickly, but here we are at my second In-Depth post…. Continue Reading →

Leadership Challenges

Challenge 1: Tension I face many challenges when leading, so I think it’s great that this book points them out. Most of the times when leading, I become stressed or worked up, so I have to finds ways to deal… Continue Reading →

Leadership Myth Post

To be a great leader, we usually watch other aspiring leaders. We listen to them and take their advice so one day, we might be like them. One peer I look up to has taught me this year that “It’s… Continue Reading →

In-Depth 2015 Post #1

The time has finally come! We are starting our (almost) six month in-depth project. I remember going to the in-depth night last year and thinking of all the possibilities for this year. I am so so so excited to start… Continue Reading →

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