I actually searched and tried to find/contact so many people it’s not funny. I actually found it really hard to find people that knew a lot about Hedy Lamarr and someone who didn’t just mention them in one sentence. I tried to contact quite a few biographers of her books a couple weeks ago, but I found a lot of them didn’t have contact information. I know it’s crazy. Some people I even stalked for an hour because I was kind of desperate. oops.

Picture of www.hedy-lamarr.org

Screenshot of Website

I decided to think outside of the box and really try to contact anyone that I could. To be honest I was cutting it pretty close and I wish I had done this earlier, but I can’t really change that now. I contacted the admin for www.hedy-lamarr.org because their site is actually so amazing and has pretty much everything you need to know about her (I mentioned it in my biBLOGraphy). They replied extremely quickly saying they would love to do an interview with me. You actually don’t know how relieved I was I almost wanted to cry. I sent them my questions a while ago but they haven’t replied. It was quite a long list and to be honest it would probably take me a long time to do them as well. If you were interested, here are the questions:


When did you first find out about Hedy Lamarr?


Did you ever meet Hedy in real life, and if you did, what was she like? If not, do you know anyone who has met Hedy?


Why did you decide to create a website about her?


What is it like to create and administrate a website about her?


In your opinion, what was her greatest achievement?


How has she affected/impacted your life?


Do you think that Hedy Lamarr is underappreciated and not getting enough credit?


What do you think helped Hedy get to where she was? Who helped her and impacted her life?


Without Hedy’s/Geroge Anthiel’s invention, do you think that the world would have the technology we have today?


P.S. I will definitely write a blog post if they reply! Also I was going to combine this post with my learning centre one but this one got really long so I decided to split them. I am also having some issues with the photos of my learning centre. First they wont upload, now they wont download onto my tablet for some reason. Ugh computers. :(