By doing this project I have found many good cites about my eminent person: Hedy Lamarr. I have decided to share with you five that I found the most helpful. I probably used over twenty-five cites total, but I found that some didn’t have as much information/pictures as these ones.


First website:

Information about the website: This website gives you lots of information about her invention. There isn’t much about her personal life, but it’s really easy to understand how her invention works and how it was made. I like the website because it tells you everything you need to know about her in several paragraphs instead of forty.


Second website:

Information about the website:  Of course, Wikipedia. There was a lot of information about her personal life/movies she starred in. Go there if you are looking for the small details about her life in general. There weren’t many pictures and the ones that were there were portraits of her (but you could find way more like them by just searching in google). It’s an overall good source for information.


Third website:

Information about the website:  This was a really good website if you wanted to find pictures and quotes about/from Hedy Lamarr. There were over 80 unique pictures of her that you wouldn’t just find by searching “Hedy Lamarr” on google. Don’t go there looking for tons and tons of information about her because there wasn’t a lot, but it did give a brief biography and told you the essentials.


Fourth website:

Information about the website: The reason I chose this website to show was mainly because of the great video it has on her. A man (with a soothing voice haha) tells you about her life and her invention. It’s quite short but really interesting. Apart from the video there is also quite a bit of information on her.


Fifth website:

Information about the website (my personal favourite):  This is probably my favourite website because it literally has everyhing! There is actually so much on this website that it would take you 4 days to see everything (okay maybe not that long 😉 ). There are so many pictures of her it’s crazy. I think one folder had over 900! It is also a great source of information. If you could only go to one website about Hedy Lamarr go to this one!